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Audio mastering is the moment for putting the final polish onto a album or single. The last chance to make sure that everything fits together seamlessly and that everything sound right The secret for great mastering is the blend of many skill traditional and state of the art equipment in a well balanced acoustics.and off course a expert engineer.Mastering demo CDs is becoming a standard practice in the hyper-competitive music market. It's easy to see why record label A&R departments are deluged by demos from aspiring artists. Mastering of demos can be an important step in giving an artist an extra edge over the competition.Don't leave your mastering to chance; have an experienced and objective ear take your mixes to the next level. All projects receive a free test cd for approval; before any master cd's are created. Clients also have the option to have their music mastered over the internet via FTP files transfer or files trtansfer services including skype.

You get sonic quality better or equal to facilities costing twice the price or more. Digital Level In digital production, level has traditionally been measured on a sample-by-sample basis. The highest possible level in a digital encoding is called 0 dBFS (or Full Scale Digital, FSD), and the only thing to be concerned about is not to hit that ceiling with too many samples in a row. However, a signal which needs more headroom to reproduce than a sine wave peaking at 0 dBFS can easily exist in the digital domain.

Occasionally we get a call from an engineer asking how to mix for mastering-should I normalise? Should I limit?We tell them to get a mix sounding how he wants it within his capabilities and we'll do the rest.Every studio has at least one compressor/limiter but unfortunately we do get a mix with no dynamic range at all- the meters setting at zero from start to finishand full of covers that some level meters that don't show in that situation.The mix is usually beyond help- badly squashed peaks and distortion that will get worst on the mastering and manufacturing transfers engineer need space to equalise and alter dynamics to suite the sound they are after.If you want to do something before you send your tunes to a mastering suite do it in moderation and keep you level under minus 2 Db.Some people cannot hear the problems due to poor monitoring or a lack of knowledge or a noisy mixing room masking the problem.Producing a mix take time- a reasonable setup, a solid understanding of theequipment they use and the medium they are mixing.To make a good mix take time try to create a standard for you work use one sample rate keep your mix peaking at minus 2 db below zero and maintain it throughoutyour recording system it's not good crunching your vocals and instrument on the input desk and them keeping your mix below zero the damage has already been down.I think it is a good idea to playback a mix while setting up the next switching between the two. People ask us why we need so many gear. Well it's very simple- you can not do pro mastering with just a computer and a few plugins (and its only digital) and two monitors.When your product is finished it will be listened to on many make of speakers and monitors so if you're doing it with just a computer the sound is only as good as your sound card Software mastering recalculates the numbers (samples) and if used too aggressively, causes some shrinkage of the sound stage and makes it sound more sterile, when compared to analog mastering.. Everyone knows that if you want to attract people to listen to your music it better be the best sound possible and that is where the state of the art gear matters- without them you could do it yourself and get a very good result but probably not a professional sound.That is what makes your music sound the way you want -the precision and accuracy of digital and the warmth of the analogue tube.

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audio mastering AudiopleXus mastering studio and audio mastering London

audio mastering AudiopleXus state of the art online studio.

audio mastering AudiopleXus state of the art audio online studio