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Acoustic by primacoustic and auralex. Designed to give the best possible listening comfort with acoustic neutrality on wide range of frequency and minimal low frequency standing wave. For Cd mastering the system is fully balanced and wired with high grade microphone cables and digital AES/EBU standard for high precision audio.
A 140 point patch bay for easy access to all the gears
. 3 headphone point for flexibility around the room .The Power is conditioned and cleaned by ETA and Monster power Wooden floor with carpeting for minimal reflection The studio is air conditioned for comfort

Acoustic sound diffusion keeps sound waves from grouping, so there are no hot spots or nulls in a room. In fact, sound diffusion greatly widens the "sweet spot" and lends a strong, 3D sense of openness to a room, making it easier to hear "into" a mix. Diffusion obliterates standing waves and flutter echoes without simply removing acoustic energy from the space or greatly changing the frequency content of the sound. Some time famous recording artists like to perform in strongly diffusive environments because of the openness they hear. Acoustic sound diffusion can make a small space seem large.

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Mastering Low frequency sound waves are so long - and thus so strong - they are the toughest to control. This is true no matter whether you're attempting to block their transmission to a neighboring space or trying to absorb them to clean up the low frequency response within a room. Controlling low frequency sound is harder than controlling mid or high frequency sound and generally requires more effort and expense. Luckily, the Auralex line of acoustic bass traps can help in audio mastering studios, restoration, Digital mastering, analog CD mastering, digital CD/DVD, mastering studio uk.

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